Wednesday, 1 March 2017

S2 Mud'n'Cheese trip

Our S2 pupils had a sunny day out studying a fantastic range of glaciated landscapes in the local area. The day ended with a walk to the top of Duncryne Hill to take in the stunning view over Loch Lomond. We had to brave some very deep, slippy mud on the way and the pupils who had opted for wellies were very pleased with their choice of footwear! One comment overheard on the steep part of the hill had us in fits; 'The best case scenario here is that I break a leg' what's the worst?
Our minibus banter was based around cheese and Madness (yes, we know they're a band from the 80's). The ultimate insults of 'you look like cheddar' and 'you smell like Parmesan' were the best of the day. We also found a 'dead thing' at Lake of Menteith which is always a hit with the pupils, except when it's on the end of a stick and they are being chased with it.
Don't forget there's a car/bus at least once an hour on this road!!

More pictures are available on the link to our CfE page at the right hand side of this page.

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