Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nat 5/6 Urban 'Road Trip'

National 5&6 pupils set off on a 'straight line' trip from the edge to the centre of Glasgow. On the way they noted environmental changes, changes in land use, building style and age. A fine selection field sketches were produced while standing on a walkway over the Expressway (while passing drivers hooted their horns). Finally the city centre was in sight and thoughts turned to lunch. A quick survey upon pupil's return to the meeting point revealed that they had indulged in a varied range of fast food options and full points were awarded to the boys who were actually paid to eat a free lunch - well done! A bit of 'unofficial' shopping may also have been squeezed into the time.
The final destination was around the redeveloped Gorbals area of the city which everyone agreed now appreared to be a very desirable area and not what had been expected.
More pictures can be seen on the National 4/5/6 link at the right hand side of this page.

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