Thursday, 19 December 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy 2014 from Clydebank Geography!

Class 1.3 celebrated the last Geography class of the term by making their own pop-up volcanoes. They all managed to do this in under 40 mins which is a bit of a record as it has been known for some classes to make the activity last almost a week!

National 4 Glaciation Trip

National 4 Glaciation Trip
Only Clydebank Geography pupils would be hardy enough to head out on a field trip in the middle of December!
Our tour took in a variety of glacial deposition and erosion features and also a variety of got a bit warmer when the sun finally came up...and by lunchtime it actually turned into a really nice day!
We stopped for lunch at the newly refurbished David Marshall lodge in Aberfoyle. After a brief survey of shops and facilities in the town we headed to Duncryne Hill for a bit of a walk and possibly one of the best views of Loch Lomond - it was well worth the climb.
We even managed to get back to school before the sun set as we know that Geography in the dark can be a bit tricky!